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Star Wars: Assault Team
Star-wars-assault-team cover.jpg
Developer(s) Disney Mobile
Publisher(s) LucasArts, Disney Interactive
Released March 26, 2014
Platform(s) Android, iOS ,Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows

Star Wars: Assault Team (SW:AT) is a freemium strategy Collectible Card Game from Disney Interactive, available on Apple iOS and Android operating systems. It is played by commanding your team through a series of battles on each mission. The game features an extensive story mode, training missions to help make your cards more powerful, and a multiplayer mode that pits your team against other players teams.


SW:AT takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The game's opening crawl reads:

It is a time of uncertainty
for the Rebellion. Though
the Death Star has been
destroyed, the Empire still
holds the galaxy in a grip
of terror.
While the Rebellion builds
a new base on the ice
planet of Hoth, an unlikely
hero has snuck aboard the
Imperial Star Destroyer
DEVASTATOR to discover
the Empire's plans….


The Heads Up Display (HUD) reads, from left to right:

You gain experience (XP) for completing Story Missions and Special Missions. After achieving a certain amount of XP, your rank increases, your energy bar fills, and you receive a bonus (extra Energy, Item, or Hero slot). The amount of XP required to rank up increases with each rank, making it progressively longer between rank ups.

Credits are acquired by playing missions, or purchasing crates containing credit rewards. These credits can be spent on levelling up Heroes, or buying Bronze Hero Crates.

Corusca Gems are SW:AT's premium currency. They are awarded in-game after completing certain missions, ranking up, or inside purchased crates. Alternately, you can purchase them in bulk using real world money. Corusca Gems can be spent to instantly recharge your Energy bar, add additional Hero or Item slots, buy Hero Crates, or revive your Heroes after a failed mission.

To launch a mission or arena battle, you must spend a certain amount of Energy. Energy replenishes at a rate of 1 unit per six minutes. As you rank up, the total amount of available energy increases.


Renegade Squad, along with Han Solo and Chewbacca, have been captured and imprisoned on the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator.


The arena is where you match your skills against other players. These opponents are not necessarily online players, since it is SW:AT's game A.I. controlling combat. The outcome, however, is based on the opponent's choice of Heroes, their Tier and Level stats, and the order in which they are laid out.

In most cases, this means you'll be battling against equal- or greater-strength Heroes. Who you choose to equip (and when) in Arena is critical, as is knowing who to target first, and when to use your Heroes's special abilities.

You gain bounties for each win; a loss could mean some of your bounties are stolen by your opponent. Collect enough bounties, and you can exchange them for Arena Crates.

You also gain trophies for each win; if you collect enough trophies you will be promoted to the next league. You get special rewards and bonuses depending on your league, you receive better rewards and bonuses in higher leagues.

Elements of Gameplay


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Daily Missions


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